Aug 17, 2013

Indian Cooking Tips - Techniques

Indian Cooking Tips and Techniques will help you for easy cooking. Find some techniques you can use in your kitchen.

==> Never Store Mushroom in a Plastic Bag instead of use Paper Bag.

==> In most Indian Recipes  onions  need to be saut├ęd till light brown. To get this done quickly, just sprinkle salt on the onions . While adding salt Onion get brown quickly.
 ==> Plastic Container leave yellow stain of Turmeric. To get rid of this spray non stick cooing oil on it and then after Store the Food.

==> Adding Bay Leave on Cabbage while cooking it reduce the smell and odor of the Cabbage. It also enhance the taste.

==>Adding a Lime Juice while making Okra will prevent sticking.

==>To Prevent freshly cut eggplant to become become black add cut eggplant in to water and add little milk in it.

==> To keep Coriander Leaves fresh cut the leaves keep it in a newspaper and store in a airtight storage box in refrigerator.