Aug 16, 2013

Akhrot Walnut Ka Halwa

There are many health benefit of eating Walnuts. Walnut has good amount of Omega - 3 Fatty Acid which play important part in Brain. Walnut also protect you to from skin dryness.  Walnut is a Super Brain Food.
Make this Akhrot / Walnut Halwa for your kids who is picky eater.


Grinded Akhrot / Walnut - ¼ Cups
Milk - 3 Tbsp.
Sugar - 1 Tbsp.
Ghee - 1 Tbsp.

Elaichi - pinch


Take a Walnut
Grind it in a Grinder
Make a Walnut Powder
Take a Pan and add Ghee

Add Walnut Powder and roast few second. Then immediately add Sugar in it. Stir continuous to prevent sticking.
Roast it till it become thick.  Add Elaichi at last.

Delicious and Healthy Akhrot / Walnut Halwa will ready in few minutes.